Danvers Rail Trail

The Danvers Rail Trail is a 4 1/3-mile non-motorized shared-use path linking schools, downtown Danvers, parks, residential areas, and trails in the neighboring towns of Peabody, Wenham, and Topsfield.

Ideal for walking, biking, or jogging, the compacted stone dust trail is built along what was once part of the historic Boston to Maine railroad running from Newburyport to Danvers.

The Danvers Rail Trail is managed and maintained by a group of community volunteers and provides a healthful recreational option available to all residents and visitors.

What's New On The Trail!

Thank You Medtronic!


Thirteen volunteers from Medtronic, a local medical technology company, worked on the trail Tuesday September 22, as part of their commitment to community service. It was a beautiful crisp fall day and the Medtronic team appreciated the chance to be outside the office and get some exercise. 

Working alongside seven RTAC volunteers, two Medtronic crews split up to work various sections of the trail. One group spent the afternoon weeding, raking, and spreading mulch to the trail siding in Putnamville Park. The second crew added topsoil and seeded the area between the trail and the Maple St Church.

Thank you, Medtronic!

Update - The Risk of Ignoring Covid-19 Etiquette on the Trail


Through both social media and signs on the trail, the Town of Danvers and the Rail Trail Volunteers have encouraged trail users to respect social distancing guidelines. Unfortunately, some trail users are not following these guidelines and raising citizen concerns about safety on the trail. 

Should a significant number of trail users not follow social distancing guidelines; the town may be forced to close the trail.  

The Town will continue to monitor the trail and other pedestrian paths/sidewalks to encourage social distancing. If you feel social distancing guidelines are not being followed, please notify the Town by either calling 978-777-0001 or emailing COVID19@danversma.gov

Healthcare professionals continue to encourage outdoor activity as its good for the body and mind. When on the trail, please do your bit to keep trail users healthy:

  • Keep six feet between yourself and other non-family trail users. This distance might mean walking/cycling single file. This might mean moving off stone dust surface for a short distance.

  • Keep to your right. Cyclists and families with strollers should be prepared to move to the side of the trail or walk/ride single file.

  • Your good social distancing behavior will help remind others of their need to do the same.

  • Keep our volunteers healthy and Covind-19 free – please carry out your trash and dog waste.


Discover Danvers - Reduce Tail Congestion! As much as we love the trail, there over 470 streets in Danvers waiting to be discovered. Most streets have sidewalks, and many pass through lovely areas of older homes, historic cemeteries, and green space. When you explore other areas of town, follow the same social distancing guidelines.

Danvers related Covid-19 questions can be addressed to COVID19@danversma.gov

Be safe, be healthy, enjoy the trail responsibly.

The Town of Danvers


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Dog owners – please be respectful of others on the trail


It's spring and we welcome dogs and their owners back to the trail. Please be courteous to other trail users – always keep your dog on a leash and pick up any waste your dog creates. Not only is this the polite and healthy thing to do, it’s the law in Danvers.


Chapter XXI of the Danvers Bylaws State in part:

Leashes: “No person owning, harboring or having custody and control of a dog shall permit such dog to be at large in the Town of Danvers at any time. [While on town property other than the Endicott Park dog park] any dog shall be controlled and restrained by a proper leash.”

Dog waste: “Any person having custody and control of a dog or other animal in any park, playground, beach, public common, municipal recreation area, street, sidewalk, public area or any private property of someone other than the owner within the Town of Danvers shall remove and dispose of any feces left thereon by his or her dog”

Fines: “The first violation of this By-Law within a calendar year shall be punishable by a $25.00 fine; the second and subsequent violations within the calendar year by a $50.00 fine.”


Complaints about loose dogs should be made to 978-777-0001 x 3023.  Or via the towns contact form at  https://www.danversma.gov/questionscomplaints/

Dumping Is Illegal on the Trail

We are fortunate that most in Danvers work to maintain a clean and environmentally safe Rail Trail. However, over the past few months we have received complaints from trail users regarding the dumping of construction waste (asphalt and concrete), yard waste (e.g. grass-cuttings and brush), and other trash along the Rail Trail.

As a reminder, the Rail Trail is town property. It runs within the Danvers Electric Division right-of-way, which includes a 10 to 15-foot strip of land on either side of the trail. Town of Danvers Bylaw Section XXV.3.a “expressly prohibits the… littering, dumping, or placing of waste of any description on Town-owned lands.”

Please treat trail users and neighbors with respect and do not dump illegally on the trail. The Danvers Police Department and Board of Health will be on the trail during the spring and summer to help educate and enforce no-dumping regulations.

Thank You Frazier Construction!


Frazier Construction of Danvers donated time and equipment to help address the seasonal flooding just north of Wenham St. Working with a number of Rail Trail volunteers, debris was removed from the east side of the trail, test pits were dug to check for the soils for permeability over the fall, and stone-pac was applied to raise the trail bed. We will evaluate how this work addresses the flooding, and may do additional remediation in 2021.

Frazier Constructions focuses on commercial and residential excavation projects. They can be reached at (978) 539-8967 or JimFrazier134@gmail.com

Thank you to neighbors along the trail who helped guide trail users. And a big thank-you to Frazier Construction!

Our Mission

The Danvers Rail Trail Advisory Committee is a Town Manager appointed committee of nine volunteers with broad representation from the community. Created in July 2009, the Committee purpose is to advance the utilization of the abandoned railroad corridor in Danvers to which the Town has been granted a 99 year lease by the MBTA. Read More...

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