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The Danvers Rail Trail Signage

The Rail Trail Advisory Committee formed a signage and safety subcommittee in the Fall of 2010.  The subcommittee has worked on several fronts, including regulations and interpretive signage and mileage markers.

A logo was developed (at left), consistent with the styling of the Border-to-Boston trail signage.  Topsfield also adapted this for their “Linear Common” logo, and it is expected that additional communities may also do so to provide visual consistency.

Regulations Signs
With the help of graphic design volunteer Adam Prentiss, the group developed a “Regulations” trail signs for posting at each trail entrance at the 11 street intersections.  
The regulation sign can be posted at other key points as needed, and having several in reserve will allow for quick replacement in the event of theft or vandalism. Note the small “Danvers Rail Trail” logo next to the Town seal in the lower right.


Trail use will, of course, also be governed by Danvers’ general bylaw provisions:   “CHAPTER XXV- REGULATIONS GOVERNING THE USE OF TOWN-OWNED LAND,” which offer more extensive guidance regarding the full range of permitted and prohibited activities on Town land.

STOP Signs
Small stop signs are posted on the back of each regulations sign so that trail users are alerted to upcoming street intersections.  

The sign is consistent with those used on the Topsfield Rail Trail, and it is anticipated that Wenham may also utilize these for consistency along the Danvers/Wenham/Topsfield trail continuum.

Interpretive Signs
The Planning Department received a grant from Essex National Heritage Commission for interpretive signage commemorating the history of the railroad in Danvers. 

Thanks to the expert assistance of Michael Neary, the four beautiful interpretive signs were installed on October 13, 2012.

These signs are mounted on vertical sections of actual rail and add a bit of a sculptural element that really evokes rail road history. 

Mileage Markers
At the request of Public Safety, mileage markers have been installed at 1/10-mile intervals along the trail.

These provide an easy way for users to report issues or call for assistance.

Runners and walkers have responded favorably to these as well, for their use as a performance and distance guide.


Click here for more information on how to sponsor a mile marker!

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