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Danvers Rail Trail Parking

Use the map below to locate the parking areas for the Danvers Rail Trail.


The Hobart Street parking lot (26 Hobart Street), located just south of Maple Street in downtown Danvers, is an ideal spot to leave your car and explore the Rail Trail. Heading south, it is about 2 miles to the Peabody line by Route 114 and, heading north, another 2.3 miles beckons before the Wenham town border just south of Route 97.


There is a parking area in Tapleyville Park located at about 1.3 miles (from Peabody line). This area is across the street from Petes A Place (at 142 Pine Street).


There is large municipal parking lot adjacent to Town Hall, 1 Sylvan Street. The trail is a short walk from this parking lot. Exit the lot, take a left on to Cherry St and a right on to Pickering St to access the trail.


Choate Farm, historically known as Robin Hill Farm, was established as a gentleman's farm in the early 20th century by Robert B. Choate, a member of a prominent local family. The town purchased the land for open space in 2001, and in 2006, Danvers Rotary began to prepare the existing trails for hiking. The area now features a parking lot, picnic tables and benches and a peach orchard. The expanse of woodland trails, picnicking areas and open grasslands is available for public enjoyment, and the trails lead to a hilltop view of the Putnamville Reservoir across Locust Street.


Small parking lot at the small parking lot at the Route 97 crossing.

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