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Trail Closure at Mile 3.0 Due to Bridge Repair Starting Early December 2016

The Danvers DPW will rebuild the bridge at mile marker 3.0 (near the Danvers High School). This is an extensive project as the new bridge needs to safely support large Electric Division trucks. We expect the trail to be closed for approximately 8 weeks starting early December. For safety and security reasons, fences will be constructed around the bridge, restricting access to DHS school in this area. 

Large trucks may at times be on the trail north and sound of the bridge transporting materials.
The recommended alternate route suitable for cyclists, walkers, joggers, etc. is along Locust Street. There are sidewalks all along this route.

•    From the north: right on Wenham St (at Agway/Putnamville Park) to left onto Locust St for about 0.8 miles, then left onto Chestnut St to the trail crossing
•    From the south: left on Chestnut St (MM 2.6) then right onto Locust St for about 0.8 miles, then right onto Wenham St 100 yards to the Agway/Putnamville Park) trail crossing.

Signs will be posted at Chestnut Street, Wenham Street, and other locations advising trail users of this closure. As the project begins, volunteers will be stationed at each of these locations, and will suggest alternate routes.  For your own safety, and to ensure work is completed promptly, please respect Trail closure directions.

The Danvers Electric Division, the Danvers DPW, and the RTAC thank you for your patience and cooperation.

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