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Danvers Rail Trail

The Danvers Rail Trail is a 4 1/3-mile non-motorized shared-use path linking schools, downtown Danvers, parks, residential areas, and trails in the neighboring towns of Peabody, Wenham, and Topsfield. Ideal for walking, biking, or jogging, the compacted stone dust trail is built along what was once part of the historic Boston to Maine railroad running from Newburyport to Danvers. The Danvers Rail Trail is managed and maintained by a group of community volunteers and provides a healthful recreational option available to all residents and visitors.


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Earth Day 2024 Spring Cleaning Saturday April 20th

Danvers Rail Trail Earth Day

While this winter has not yet been too severe, Spring will still be a good time to clear out a winter’s collection of trash, branches, and other debris appearing now along the trail. In support of Earth Day 2024 and in collaboration with Danvers’s town-wide Earth Day clean up events, join us on Saturday April 20th to help clean up the trail for the spring and summer.

Rail Trail volunteers should meet at the Hobart Street lot at 9:00 am. We will break up volunteers into two or three small groups to work on different sections of the trail. We aim to complete our work by 12:00 pm. Please confirm your interest in working on the trail by contacting us at

If you would like to work in other areas of the town, please follow up using this Town of Danvers information page: 2024 Town Wide Clean Up | Danvers, MA (

Work will go on rain or shine! Wear weather appropriate clothing, sturdy shoes, and work gloves. Trash bags and disposable gloves will be provided. See you Saturday April 20!

 Not cleaning up after your dog? You may be spreading disease

Danvers Rail Trail

“Dog poop isn’t just gross — it’s also potentially infectious.” From veterinarian Julie Wuerz*.

And more from Julia, “the reality is that waste left to wash into the soil, whether in a neighborhood, trail or dog park, can spread life-threatening parasites not just among dogs and cats but also to wild animals and people of all ages. A 2020 study found intestinal parasites in 85 percent of off-leash dog parks across the United States.”


The town of Danvers is launching a “Scoop the Poop Pledge” to encourage all pet owners to clean up after their pets – for the health of all of us, our pets, and the environment.

Danvers Rail Trail

This pledge aims to bring more awareness to the issue of pet waste and litter as we pledge to do the following:

  • Always clean up after my pet, even in my own yard. And avoid rinsing poop into the soil. Using rain or a garden hose removes only the visible mess, not the microscopic issues.

  • Properly dispose of pet waste

  • Always carry extra doggy bags when I am with my pet.

  • Educate others about the importance of cleaning up after their pets


Help us keep the trail clean and safe. Take the pledge and share a photo of your furry friend by visiting


*From Julie Wuerz, clinical assistant professor of small animal clinical sciences at the University of Florida, as reported in the Washington Post February 4, 2024.


To help us plan, please register events that use any part of the trail!

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Danvers Rail Trail

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Danvers Rail Trail

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Successful Danvers/Middleton 2024 Chocolate Walk

It was an overcast but pleasant morning for the over 100 people who joined us for our first Danvers/Middleton 2024 Chocolate Walk. Walkers, many new to the trail, joined us from Danvers, Middleton, and a few other local communities. We walked a new section of the trail between Danvers (Access Rd of Rt 62) and Middleton (Gregory St). Walkers were provided with chocolate goodies at both the Danvers and Middleton ends of the trail.

Thank you to all our volunteers, and to the Lahey Outpatient Center for allowing walkers to use their parking. More about the Middleton Trail at

Downtown Streetscape Improvements - January 2024

Danvers Rail Trail
Danvers Rail Trail

Town Officials presented a "Downtown Streetscape Improvement" plan to the Selectboard on December 19th, a plan which includes improvements to the Danvers Rail Trail crossing at Maple Street Church and Western Cycle

The rail trail crossing at Maple Street will be addressed in 2024, using the Chapter 40R Downtown Fund to install a new safer crossing on the rail trail by Maple Square, where the town and rail trail volunteers have observed that pedestrians typically jaywalk to save time. To the east toward Domino’s, the current crosswalk will likely be removed to recreate the parking that will be lost from this new addition. The RTAC has long advocated for improvements to the crossing and is thrilled to see this in the town’s downtown improvement plan.

Danvers Rail Trail


Dogs On Rail Trail


Dumping Not Allowed
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