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South To North - Danvers Rail Trail Extension
Color Code: 

Mile 0 (from Peabody Line) to Mile 1: RED

Mile 1 to Mile 2: YELLOW

Mile 2 to Mile 3: BLUE

Mile 3 to Mile 4: GREEN

Mile 4 to Mile Wenham Line: Pink

Wenham Line to Route 97 and Swampwalk: TEAL

West to East - Danvers Rail Trail Extension (by build phase)
Color Code: 

Phase 3: Mile 0 (from Middleton Rail Trail Line) to Lahey Medical - ORANGE

Phase 3: From Lahey Medical to Nichols Street - MAROON - in design stage

Phase 2: From Nichols Street to Route 62/Maple St crossing - ARMY GREEN

Phase 1a & 1b: From Route 62/Maple Street to Hobart Street - PURPLE

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