The Danvers Rail Trail Maintenance

The Rail Trail Advisory Comment (RTAC) and volunteer groups have and will continue to work with the Danvers Electric on vegetation management.  To provide access to their power lines, Danvers Electric mows the trail edges, trims tree limbs, and removes invasive plants. This is generally done annually.

Volunteers use a small ride-on mower and weed-wacker to keep 2-3 feet of the trail edge neat and reduce weed/grass from encroaching into the trail surface.

Dumping of any waste on the trail is illegal and is generally not an issue. However, at times volunteers supported by the town, will remove illegally dumped rubbish and debris from the trail.  During the spring to fall seasons, volunteers walk the trail to remove litter. Trail users are strongly encouraged to carry out their own litter and dog waste.

The RTAC encourages supporters to install flower planters at the side of trailheads, similar to Town’s existing Adopt-an-Island program.  Find more info on the Rail Trails Adopt a Planter program here How to Sponsor

The RTAC will continue to address to resident comments, as well as these and other maintenance issues over the long term, which include but are not limited to:

1.Fixing drainage problems

2.Repairing eroded areas

3.Re-surfacing (average non-asphalt trail every nine years)

4. Repairing signs, mile markers, and pedestrian lights

5.Cutting grass

6. Neatening temporary/seasonal toilets

7.Removal of falling trees


9.Tree and shrub planting

Snow Management

Snow removal on the trail will not be necessary.  The RTAC recommends that snow dumping at trailheads be discouraged to allow continued access for passive recreation activities during the winter months.  This will help with winter trail users’ safety and the minimize damage to gates, signs and planters.  With DPW’s assistance, entrances can be kept clear for winter passage at all 11 crossings.

Our Mission

The Danvers Rail Trail Advisory Committee is a Town Manager appointed committee of nine volunteers with broad representation from the community. Created in July 2009, the Committee purpose is to advance the utilization of the abandoned railroad corridor in Danvers to which the Town has been granted a 99 year lease by the MBTA. Read More...

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