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NOVEMBER 2023 - Danvers Rail Trail Northwest Extension Progress Update

Northwest Rail Trail Extension - Overview

The town has approved extending our current rail trail northwest towards Middleton. This extension will be a 2.9 mile non-motorized, shared-use continuation of the existing Danvers Rail Trail, connecting Danvers downtown to additional Danvers western
neighborhoods and eventually to the Middleton Rail Trail. 

The extension will provide a healthy recreational option to all residents and visitors.  The extension will be similar to the current trail in design, surface (stone dust), usage, rules, etc.The northwest extension will be completed in four phases (see map below).

Over the summer significant progress has been made. The trail is now fully open between the current trail and Maple Street. Stone dust has been applied and mile marker posts installed. The crossings at Hobart Street and Beaver Park have been completed with ADA compliant curb ramps, solar powered flashing beacons, painted crosswalks, and appropriate “crossing ahead” signs. Thanks to the Town of Danvers for getting all this done!

The Conservation Commission has approved the designs for an ADA compliant crossing at Maple St/Rt 62. Funding and timing the construction of the crossing is planned for 2024.

For those in the Hathorne area, stone dust has been applied to the trail surface from about the Lahey Outpatient Center on Hathorne Drive north to the Middleton trail. It is now possible to follow a stone dust trail from Lahey to Route 62 in Middleton (at Farmer Brown’s), about 1.5 miles one way.

Danvers Rail Trail

Two Danvers Rail Trail "Hall of Famers" install the boundary post denoting where the Middleton and Danvers trails connect. Work also started installing
the mile marker stakes along this section of the trail.

Phase 1a: Time: September 2022 to November 2023
The current trail at Hobart Street to Maple Street (Route 62).  Stone dust surface has been applied.  The bridge to cross Beaver Brook is complete. Crossings have been completed at Hobart St and Beaver Park. Various wayfaring signs have been installed,

Phase 1b: Time: TBD
Maple Street (Route 62) to Nichols Street.  Due to its proximity to wetlands, preliminary designs for a safe and ADA-compliant trail crossing at Maple St have been presented to and approved by the Danvers Conservation Commission.  Funding and timing of this crossing still need to be determined.

Phase 2: Time: TBD
Nichols Street to Hathorne Ave.  This phase has the most significant engineering challenges as it crosses Rt 95 and Rt 1 and the intersection at Nichols St/Maple St.  Most of this work (design to construction) will be done by the Mass Department of Transportation, with construction currently planned for 2028.  More updates can be found on the Mass DOT TIP site here: MassDOT project 612607 (note that for some reason, Mass DOT calls this Phase 3).

Phase 3: Time: January 2023 to Fall 2023

Hathorne Ave to Middleton Line.  The stone dust surface is complete — mile markers have been added. Trail rules signs will be added during the fall of 2023.

Further Information:

For more information on this project, please contact Aaron Henry Director, Land Use + Community Services Department at  

Updates will posted to this website and work progresses

Danvers Rail Trail Northwest Extension
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