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Danvers Rail Trail Amenities and Attractions.

The Rail Trail continues to grow in popularity. More folks are taking advantage of the trail itself, but also the amenities and attractions along the trail. Here are a few of the attractions and amenities trails users enjoy, working from south (Peabody) to north (Wenham).


Peabody line (mile marker 0.0): take a rest on the benches and use the kiosk to learn about the history and landmarks along the trial. Bike racks are available to secure your bike. A hundred yards further south into Peabody, there is a water bubbler and bench on the Peabody trail.

Between Collins St and Pine St (mile markers 0.9 to 1.5): passes through woodlands. Take in a Little League or basketball game at Tapley Park or use seasonal water bubbler. Rest on one of two benches provided by volunteer Scouts. Walk a few hundred yards south on Pine St and visit the historic Rebecca Nurse Homestead. Walk a few hundred yards north on Pine Street to Holten Street for the local market and café. Bike racks are available to secure your bike at the Pine St crossing. If your bike is in need of repair, or your tires need air, there is a Bike Repair station at the Pine Street crossing.

Holten/Burroughs St crossing (mile marker 1.7): Rest on the “railway artbench provided by volunteer Scout Tim Jordan as part of his Eagle Scout work. A few hundred yards west on Holten St, then onto Pond St and you’ll find the historic Danvers Peabody Institute Library and the Mill Pond with benches, summertime concerts, and more.

Pickering St to Maple St (mile marker 1.8 to 2.2): Ample and centrally located parking is available at the Hobart St lot (corner of Hobart St and Charter St). Grab a lobster roll at the Cherry St Fish Market or sit at the covered picnic table across from the parking lot. A Port-a-Porty is at this location during the spring and summer months. Check out the recently installed historic and map kiosks to learn about the local area and distances to key destinations. Turn south/right at the Maple St crossing and head into downtown Danvers (100 yards) for food and drink at any number of café’s, bars, and restaurants, or for bike repair/parts at Western Cycle. Bike racks are available at the Charter St and Maple St crossings. 

Heading north, rest at benches north of Chestnut Street (mile marker 2.4) and north of Danvers High School (mile marker 3.3). Leave the trail and enjoy the adjacent Putnamville Park and Playground (mile marker 3.4). During the summer of 2014 and 2015, significant work was done to the park and the connection to the rail trail including; a water fountain (dog and water bottle friendly) a bridge to route pedestrians and bikers into the park, landscaping, a new informational kiosk, bike racks, a bike repair station, a railway art bench, picnic benches, and during the spring, summer and fall, a Port-a-Porty.

Wenham St to the Wenham Town line (mile marker 3.5 to 4.3): According to the National Wetland Inventory (NWI) map, this segment has areas of a palestine, forested, broad-leaved deciduous, periodically flooded wetlands (in other words it’s really pretty). You can enter Moore Woods, a small forested conservation area from the trail at mile marker 3.7. The Choate Farm Conversation Area is a short walk off the trail through forest (near mile marker 4.1). There is a bench and bike repair station as well as at mile marker 4.3. The Choate Farm area offers parking (off Locust St), picnic benches, pleasant views, and all the peaches you can pick.

Past the Wenham line (north past mile marker 4.3): A very pretty area of the trail leading up to the Topsfield Rd (Rte. 97) crossing. Enter the Danvers-Wenham SwampWalk and walk along a quarter mile elevated boardwalk through beautiful wetlands and observe local wildlife from birds to beavers.

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